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Strategic-Services, Reston is a technical services company. We provide worldwide engineering, program management, implementation and test support. We have ongoing projects in Washington DC, Boston, Kuwait and at USN facilities. We provide a flexible workforce to lighten your load. Core competencies are communications, electronic systems implementation and global installation. We provide technical labor from technicians to PhD's.

Technical Services: We are providing technical services for:

  • Engineering, Installation and test Support
  • Communications systems, engineering thru installation
  • Satellite Control Center Operations providing certified flight controllers
  • Satellite Control Center Documentation, floor plans, rack elevation wire list etc.
  • Systems engineering on the NASA space network expansion
  • Documentation (Equipment manuals technical and O&M & "as built" drawings)
  • Vehicle integration installing radios and communications equipment
  • Mechanical design & drafting
  • We have designed and built special computer controlled machines for manufacturing propellers and airfoils
  • Worldwide installation services
  • We have installed security systems in Kuwait and regional US bases
  • We go where you need us to go

We provide program management assistance too, creating and maintaining project schedules, cost to complete, cost analysis, SOW's and implementation plans. We help get it done.

We completed over 2 million dollars worth of work on the Boston Central Artery Tunnel project providing, installation, implementation, test and documentation support, for radios and other electronic systems. We engineer, we install, we test, we document.

Software Support: We provide software support for mission critical projects. We provided software developers for the Boston BigDig Integrated Project Control System, used to monitor and control hardware. We recently provided software people to develop telemetry recovery routines.

Special Machines: We design special computer controlled machine tools.

Management Support Studies: We prepare technical studies and trades helping you understand your options. We bring new skills and new viewpoints adding understanding and clarity. "Creating clarity for decision making." See samples section.

Proposal Preparation: We assist in creating professional proposals. We provide an independent view and understand how to distill and present ideas using meaningful graphics to focus and leverage your offer over competitors. We understand discriminators, themes and ghosting. We have created many proposals on communications projects, upgrades and mobile equipment.

Continuous Improvement: We help you drive continuous improvement with certified facilators improving business and engineering processes for increased quality and speed.

Growth and Business Process Support: While not our main focus this workshop is a healthy exercise for any business. Our Growth and Strategy workshop provides exceptional insight for companies in high tech businesses focusing on growth.

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See Samples for Examples

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