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Installation, Integration and Field Engineering

Strategic-Services routinely provides electronics systems integration and installation at both domestic and international sites. Integration and installation support is typically for satellite communications and security systems. We also provide periodic equipment maintenance and upgrades. And we document what we build.

We provided installation support for security systems at US military bases in the Mideast. At a satellite ground station in Poker Flats Alaska we are providing integration support upgrading earth stations and antenna equipment.

We conduct quarterly preventive maintenance for the NSPO (Taiwan NASA) satellite TT&C ground stations in Taiwan.

We are providing technicians for the installation of communications systems in military vehicles used to support emergency communications.

We are currently documenting a satellite control center for a major satellite builder and will provide integration and test services for a new satellite control center. Documentation consists of creating floor plans, cable diagrams, rack elevations, wire runs lists and network configurations.

On our largest project, the Boston BigDig, we provided technicians and engineers for the installation and test of the BigDig radio systems. The radio systems consisted of roadway tunnel AM/FM rebroadcasting, safety (HAR) and emergency radios.

Our network engineer created several Internet communications links to global launch sites, in Kourou and Biakonur.