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Technical Services Offered
Strategic Services provides the entire range of engineering support from complex systems engineering to field site installation, integration and test. Listed below is an overview of our technical services capabilities.

  • Engineering Services
    We provide engineering support for satellite communication projects, with a focus on communications to remote facilities. Our recent work has been evaluating top level architectures for implementation.
  • Installation Integration and Test
    We have provided considerable support in this area for major projects such as, the Boston BigDig, security upgrades for military bases, control centers, and remote satellite ground stations.
  • Feasibility Studies
    We help clients evaluate options and develop ACTION PLANS. Typically this entails estimating cost, schedule, and implementation difficulties for various options. Options are generally ranked in order of cost, performance and schedule.
  • Program Management
    We detail the programmatic issues of performance, schedule and cost. We help the Client "put the project together". A typical task is creating a Program Plan. A path for project execution. We are currently supporting costing efforts for the Big Dig construction project in Boston Mass.
  • Mechanical and Site Design
    Site Layouts, Equipment Packaging, Rack Elevations and Mechanical Designs
  • Earth Station Designs
    Block and Level Diagrams, Cable Diagrams, Cable Fabrication sheets
  • Cost Identification and Reduction
    We prepare cost estimates keyed to a WBS and suggest cost savings measures. We estimate the labor to build and operate.
  • Technical publications
    We create technical manuals and help prepare documents for Web distribution.
  • Proposal Preparation
    Strategic Services routinely works proposals for NASA primes, Honeywell, CSC Orbital, and Monarch. We can assist you in creating winning proposals. We wrote the draft proposal and helped write the final winning proposal for US Army/USMC mobile equipment. And a variety of NASA programs at GSFC and KSC.